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What Is SOMOS Cloud Solutions?

The cloud is nothing more than data, software and services accessible through the internet rather than on a physical computer or server within your company walls. Cloud solutions offer the freedom to work anywhere without limitation. There’s no need to purchase expensive servers—your cloud data is safe inside secure data centers and backed up on enterprise-grade equipment.

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What can you expect from SOMOS cloud services?

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Anywhere Access, with Any Device

Work on any device with an Internet connection, no limitations.

Rock-solid Security

Enterprise-grade security, encryption and real-time monitoring.

Fewer Servers

Eliminate costly expenses that never seem to end with in-house servers.

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Higher Productivity

Don’t be stopped by power outages or other failures. Work anywhere, anytime.

Cost-effective Solutions

No upfront capital expense, a predictable monthly fee and all-inclusive packages.

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Ready to make the move to cloud?

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