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Why Outsource Your IT Support To SOMOS?

SOMOS is here to help provide businesses all throughout the United States with a managed IT service provider that they can count on to provide reliable IT support, innovative application management, and cutting-edge end-to-end solutions designed to drive organizational efficiency and raise your business to another level that you never thought was possible.

Save time and money with reliable and efficient SOMOS cloud servers.

What does this mean for you?

Hosting on our cloud will save you time, stress, and money. No more need for a physical storage device being maintained by an in-house IT person. Use what you need without paying for what you don’t; it will grow with you when you need it to. Easily access software, data, photos, email, etc. on the go.


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SOMOS saved us over 300k during a difficult transition in our business. Their team took the lead and helped our copmany out of an impossilbe siuation during the holidays. Every provider told us it was impossble, but SOMOS pullded off exactly that. It would have taken several different companies with different technical expertise to to do what they and not once did they say "that's not our job."  We are forever greatful for their efforts and professionalism. 

Greg Young | VP of Technical Operations | Vubiquity


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